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Former Lisbon Falls resident John Gould wrote a commentary for The Times Record on Friday, June 28, 1999 titled “Melting pot claimed Lisbon’s Germans.”  In it, he provided examples of various German families who had come to the Lisbon area and been assimilated into the local culture at the beginning of the twentieth century.  He contrasts other ethnic groups who also came to work in the area and how they established churches.  He laments the assimilating Germans by saying:

“But the Germans never had their own church, and the ‘Beer Hall’ on Goddard Street is just Goddard Street Hall and nobody remembers it as The German Club.”

Goddard Street Hall is just a memory now, too.  Part of it was torn down and another part of it was reconstructed into a duplex or condominium.  Time marches on.

Mr. Gould mentioned the presence of immigrants from the areas around present-day Slovakia, but he did not mention the Slovak Catholic Club, which is also known as “The Lower Club,” or if you’re Uncle Bob, “The Club.”  I don’t know the full history of The Club; I’ve taken baton lessons there, been to parties there, and even had a fundraising dance there.

My parents had their wedding reception there.

Uncle Bob belongs to The Club and as a member, he’s allowed into the downstairs bar which is for members only.  I’m planning a big event at The Club tomorrow and when I go there today to set up, I’ll march right into the members only area and say “I’m Bobby’s niece, let me in!”  It will be like Moses parting the Red Sea.  The doors will open and I’ll be ushered in and about like a rock star or celebrity.

Not even 50 Cent could get in da Club like that.

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5 Responses to The Club

  1. jbomb62 says:

    And because I’m w/ the JAB, I’ll also gain admittance to The Club, or “da Club,” ala Fiddy. Rockin’ the tune right now.

    Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go Shorty
    It’s you’re birthday
    We gonna party like
    It’s you’re birthday
    We gonna sip Bacardi
    Like It’s you’re birthday
    And You know we don’t give a ****
    It’s not you’re birthday

  2. Loosehead Prop says:

    You think the band played that at your parents’ wedding reception?

  3. gwynsmum says:

    Wishing you a smashing success dahling! Enjoy the day : )

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