Memory Motif

I had an extended weekend at home, working on the celebration my brother has dubbed “Hermfest 2013.”  My nephew, Mark, was the party photographer and he took over 500 pictures of the event.  Reviewing that many photos of 100 people I love in the place I love and where everyone knows my name is exhausting.  It’s going to preoccupy me for quite some time, I’m afraid.  Maybe I’ll lose blog readers.


On Friday, I went to get my hair done at Hairs Too You on Main Street.  Right next to the salon is a costume shop and their window was all done up for Hermfest 2013, even though they didn’t know it.

Some of my readers may know of my fascination with the circle skirt and since I was early for my coiffure, I stopped in at Drapeau’s.  I bought two aprons at Maine Vintage and Consignment.  I chatted with business owner Kris Scribner Cornish about designing and making a circle skirt or two for me.

File this post under “I’m just a little bit excited!”

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