Truck For Sale

I pack a lot of living into twelve hours, more or less, and this way of life is filled with good blog material.  As I reflect over my “Day of Rest” and look at the evidence on the clock, I see there isn’t enough time to craft out any one miraculous and happy thing that happened yesterday.  It’s just a mental list of beautiful things, like:

  • First Mass in Sabattus or All About Forgiveness
  • Changes in The Surprise Garden
  • More Rhubarb
  • Guerilla Sunflowers
  • You Can’t Trick Uncle Bob
  • Making Friends on the Ridge
  • I Don’t Know a Thing about Garden Edging
  • Reggie Black Explains Sleep
  • Autumn Joy Farm
  • Old Number Thirteen

I wish I had time today to tell at least one of these stories, but I don’t.

As I was leaving town, I passed this truck.

Trucks for sale at duskIt would be a good truck for the Moxie Car Show or the Moxie Parade.  It’s for sale.

Ring, ring.

“Yeah, I saw the truck you’re selling on a blog.  I’ll take it.”

(Orange 1964 Chevrolet truck with a new engine, $3,500, located in Bowdoin, Maine.  If you’re interested, leave a comment.  If you’re not spam, I’ll send you the phone number.)

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  1. Mark says:

    Good Year…. 1964

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