The Moxie Festival Schedule

Lots of people ask me about The Moxie Festival.  When does does the parade start?  Can I get a hot dog?  Are there any vegan food options?  Where’s the car show?  Is that a Moxie flower?

Just in time for MoxieI strive to provide excellent customer service, responding in minutes, sometimes seconds.  In the event I don’t, here’s the schedule!

Festival Schedule July 11-13, 2014

See you there!

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1 Response to The Moxie Festival Schedule

  1. danimardayat says:

    Thanks for posting this robust line-up of activities! I’m glad I opted to skip the fireworks display (and major subway/foot traffic) here in the NYC area as the Moxie fest will be equipped with plenty of thunderous lights! See you on Friday at the recipe contest…will make sure to give my palate a warm up!

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