Talk of the Tuckered

It’s the day after my “milestone” birthday…it must have been all the pie and cake I ate because I woke up from one of those “trying to scream” nightmares, all tuckered out.  If only I had stuck to the saltine cracker regimen my brother recommended at an early age.

I’m zipping off to see a decorator show house at Harbor Lights in York, Maine today, part of my energy revitalization plan.  I’m sure I’ll have something to say about it next week.

The First SunflowerIt’s a fantastic day in Maine…everything is coming up sunflowers.

I wish you were here!

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2 Responses to Talk of the Tuckered

  1. danimardayat says:

    ‘Love this bold sunflower!!! ‘Glad you had a pie and cake-filled birthday!

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