Go, Johnny, Go!

When I moved home to Maine, I knew things were going to be different.  It was three hours to Boston instead of one.  Sure, there was Portland! Portland! Portland!  But life north of Maine’s premier city is simpler and I knew there might come a day when I’d be wandering around Food City, searching in vain for a jar of Keillor’s Dundee orange marmalade.  Maybe I’d make it to a few semi-pro hockey games at the Lewiston Colisée, but I never imagined I would end up there on a Saturday night watching a “Mixed Martial Arts” fight.

Saturday night was actually my second MMA fight.  My Moxie BFF, Gina Crafts Mason, had invited me to go last year around this time and I went, thinking it might be like a boxing match I’d seen in an old black and white movie.  You know, men wearing dapper grey fedoras and smoking cigars, women in mink coats stepping out of limousines.  Nope, not like that at all.  It’s a popular event, though, and I found myself stalled in the quarter-mile of traffic snaking its way towards the Colisée.

Ten bucks to park?  Full house, baybee.

Mixed martial arts, for someone who’s never spent much time in a gym, gone to a wrestling match, or taken karate, is odd to watch.  I don’t understand the rules and sometimes the fight ends in three seconds; sometimes it goes a full three rounds with someone getting punched in the head numerous times.

So why go?

The truth is, Gina’s nephew, Johnny Crafts, is a pretty awesome amateur fighter. He won his bout last year and this year, he was part of the promotional bill.

New-Blood-box(That’s Johnny, on the lower right.)

So I went.  And Johnny won again.

You can read the whole story here.  Sports reporter Kalle Oakes did a great job of covering the fights on Twitter as well as writing this piece for the local paper.  I was amped up when I got home, so I read a book before I finally drifted off and was sleeping peacefully.  I might have been dreaming about the fights…until I heard a loud bang and a low rumble outside the house.

Woken by the snow plow!  We might not have Scottish marmalade at the Food City, but we’ve got plenty of snow here in Maine and I think we’re in the middle of a slow-moving three-day storm.  Who needs an alarm clock?

I’m going out to punch and kick that stuff around!  Cage fighting might not be my favorite sport, but I know how to put the snow in a choke hold.

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2 Responses to Go, Johnny, Go!

  1. Jim says:

    I don’t know a lot about MMA. However, I can respect anyone who works toward a goal and finds success following their dreams.

    Glad to see events like these coming to the Colisée. Since they lost their junior hockey franchise, and while last year’s Pirates’ dates being moved to Lewiston while Portland’s Cross Insurance Center (aka, the CCCC) was under construction helped, the building is in need of dates like these to remain viable. Perhaps Lewiston becomes known as a MMA city, like they used to be known as a hockey town, back in the days of the old L-A Twins/Berlin Maroons semi-pro glory (and thanks to Dad’s stories, the old Bates Mfg. teams, too).

    • Jim,
      The Colisée is well-improved in the last update and although I didn’t stay into the late hours of the fight card (Johnny was number 8). I don’t know if mayhem breaks out at the end of the night, but I found the MMA crowd quite diverse and well-behaved. It was fine bread and circuses. Now, if the Italian Bakery on Bartlett Street just had a little after hours trattoria, serving espresso and pastries…

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