Cake for the Battle

Life is tough.  Whether you’re Charlie Baker, marshaling the full force of the United States government to dig out fire hydrants, or someone’s Uncle Timothy, there is always a battle.  The battle of life, ego, love.  You get the idea.

You might as well have some cake for the battle.

Cake for the BattleThe door is always open.

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4 Responses to Cake for the Battle

  1. Wish teleportation was a thing of the present. I’d so be there! 🙂 Cake looks amazing, but the company would be even better.

    • Hi Jeanne! You would make a great guest here at “Cake Salon.” Tomorrow, I will reveal the recipe and if I’m lucky, a few cake testers will stop by today and provide their thoughts. I’m not sure I got the butter to powdered sugar ratio just right in the frosting. The testers will tell all! Great to hear from you and we will also shovel a few scoops of snow in your honor! XO

  2. Jim says:

    Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.

    Hows that for some “patriarchal” French?

    Cake-eating has always been rife with political overtones. Then again, some, like Uncle Timothy (and John Gould) just appreciated it because it was cake and good to eat. I’m opting for the latter.

    Might there be cake at the CWBC on Tuesday night, when we discuss the farmer’s wife?

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