Another Blog Post about Flowers, Shooting Stars, and Things that Screech in the Night

I was scrolling through the old Facebook feed the other day and learned about an acquaintance recently recognized for trailblazing accomplishment with a prestigious award.  That’s how it sounded from the article and my editor from the Sun Journal would have liked the piece because it included a lot of quotes from the award recipient.  Knowing the project this acquaintance had spearheaded and accomplished, the award was well-deserved.

But you know how it is when someone wins something.  There is happiness and joy for the winner and then the aching self-reflection and introspection begins.  Have I done any trailblazing this year?  Who have I helped?  What have I accomplished?  The Moxie Recipe Contest was fun, but it wasn’t exactly the way I wanted it to be.  I still can’t speak French fluently.  I didn’t even start my tomatoes from seed this year and I only just staked them up in the garden a week ago after I got a “lecture” from Uncle Bob.

I haven’t saved the old Worumbo Mill from further decay and I haven’t painted my upstairs bedrooms yet.

My lawn needs to be mowed again, too.  I guess I’ll be blazing a trail around the yard this weekend, pushing my old mower and hoping Handy isn’t too busy to do some weed whacking in the areas that are too steep for the mower.

These thoughts and many others vied for my mental attention all week and I finally broke down and took a walk around town last night.  My usual walk, but in reverse.  I walked over past my parents’ house and then slipped through Uncle Bob’s dark garden.  As I tiptoed through the corn, I heard him driving off in his truck.  Thursday night, he must be going to “The Club.”

I trudged the big loop around the old high school, up North Street, across Free Street and then up High Street.  I schlepped over to my Surprise Garden and then started climbing Maple Street.  When I was about halfway towards “The Tomb” I heard a strange screaming sound.  I tried unsuccessfully to record it with my phone.  I can’t even describe it adequately.

I know there are deer in the woods around the cemetery.  I’ve seen them and I’ve even heard them “snort” when they see me watching them.  Do deer make noises like they’re being murdered?  Maybe there were zombies on the loose.  My curious self wanted to keep walking towards the noise but then I thought better of the idea and retraced my path around the Surprise Garden.

For a number of reasons, I was sad and disappointed with myself as I walked towards home.  Not being able to walk my usual “complete” circle was the least of my worries.  As I approached the house, I heard rustlings and snapping branches in the woods and wondered if the deer who like to eat my flowers were going to jump out of the trees and cross my path.

Isn’t it good luck if a deer runs in front of you while a tear runs down your cheek?  Wait, no.  I’m getting my lucky charms all mixed up.  It’s good luck if a bird craps on your head; I’m not interested in that kind of voodoo.

I looked up at the stars and planets and wondered if that orange dot was Jupiter.

Then a shooting star blazed across the space between the leaves in the grand oak tree in the backyard.

All’s right with the world.

I’ve got to go and deadhead my morning glories now and start the day.  Who knows what Friday will reveal?

China Blue Morning GloryI wouldn’t mind a few more surprises like this one today.

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  1. gwynsmum says:

    Maybe is was a screech owl? They are very loud. Had one outside my open window one night and scared me straight out of a sound sleep!

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