The Burning Bush…Again

I wrote this blog post almost a year ago.  This may very well be the first blog post I wrote about Handy.  Back then, we were on very formal terms and I never called him “Handy.”

Oddly enough, that burning bush was acting up again this weekend, keeping me from a good night’s sleep.  Once again, I went outside at strange hours with a flashlight, flip-flops, and the faux leopard bathrobe.  This time, I also took some pruning shears and hacked the offending branches off the burning bush.

I don’t know why I didn’t do it last year and I don’t know why it only makes noise in October, but the problem (like so many) is solved.

Admittedly, I am tired from landscaping chores and The Biddeford Ball.  Let’s meet here again on Friday.  I’ll brew up a pot of coffee (I’ve got a “new” percolator!) and we’ll unpack that lovely event.

Until then, I’m going to leave you with this beautiful song by David Wilcox.  Someone reminded me of it on Sunday.  I’d forgotten it.

The song was just right after dancing and dining with all the people who love Biddeford and want to see their city beautiful and prosperous again.

“It is love will mix the mortar.”

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