Peak January

Although this winter has been milder and we’ve had much less snow, we’ve still had a few shoveling events; we had one on Saturday.  I shoveled so much last winter you would think the pattern of clearing the driveway would be burned into my brain.  But it’s not.  What was my approach last year?  Did I shovel from the garage to the road or did I start at the road and work my way towards the garage?

I don’t remember.

The Driveway

I was looking over my blog posts from January, 2015, trying to remember what I was thinking and feeling at this time last year.  I had a date with a man to discuss draperies and then I got the flu.

The draperies materialized, but not as quickly as I had hoped on that January day.  In retrospect, the date was a flop; I bought my fabric based on the gentleman’s recommendations, called him to let him know the work could begin and then…nothing.

He was always “out on an installation” and he never returned my calls.

After being jilted last January, I did find a company who designed and created custom draperies for me as well as some cordless shades.  The whole project took much longer than I had anticipated, but I’m pleased with the results.

I’m not sure why I brought this up today, except I woke disheveled from a bad dream.  In the dream, Jaxon and I had been going somewhere on a luxury ocean liner and I lost my credit card.  Dreams are funny like that.  They seem so real upon waking and it takes time to shake them off.  So since today is a work holiday, I’m spending some time in reflection and introspection about mundane things like draperies and blinds and being dumped.

Shaking it off.

Not for long, though, because as I open the blinds and push the draperies aside, I see it’s snowing again this morning.  I’ve had my coffee and I’ve switched over to “World Peace” herb tea from Mornings in Paris, a quaint coffee shop in Kennebunkport.  It’s the last day of the last three-day weekend until Memorial Day.  It’s a good day for putting away the remaining holiday things and straightening the ship of life for the sprint into spring.

Only 62 more days.

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