Unholy Donuts

As you may know, in Portland, Maine they canonize donuts.  Holy, holy, holy, donuts ascend high and mighty above the lower sweets of the earth.  Early in the morning, the songs of the donut-crazed saints rise in adoration to The Holy Donut.

If you’re one of the huddled masses of pagans living outside the holy rings of hipness that is Portland, you are SOL.  You’re stuck in a food desert.

Once in a while, something rises in the distance.

Unholy Donut(Picture courtesy of Mark “Handy” Doyon.)

When you’re in a food desert, it’s probably a mirage and not the manna of holy hipsters.

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2 Responses to Unholy Donuts

  1. Bob Earle says:

    Their donuts are so good and almost good for you! She’s not a bad marketer either though! It all works together!

    • Bob, I was a little snarky, but meant no disrespect to The Holy Donut. I have had ONE donut from the shop and it was enjoyable once I made it through the chic line of donut-o-philes. (Not to be confused with donut-o-philistines.) Personally, I’m a “Cookie Jar” gal (at the Cape E./South Portland line) when it comes to my donut love. Have a sweet day!Holly Holy!

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