The Penultimate Night

Earlier this week, I went to Rite Aid.  All the holiday things were drastically reduced and picked over but the Valentine’s candy and trinkets were prominently displayed and available at retail prices.

Not wanting the holidays to end too suddenly, I’ll keep my window candoliers up through Friday, making tonight the penultimate night of lights.  I went with red lights this year, which could transcend Christmas and be considered “Valentine’s Lights” but I think that would put me in the category of crazy cat lady.  A moniker I wish to avoid.

Day by day, non-holiday order is restored.


This link will take you to the ghost of a Christmas unwinding past.

On to writing about burritos.

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2 Responses to The Penultimate Night

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    I’m thinking of leaving some of the string lights up. I ran them over the tops of the curtains around the living room, colorful, cheerful and bright. Why not leave them up?

    Now the Christmas burritos, or are they Valentines’ burritos…

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