The Year of the Rooster

Blogging is a strange avocation.  According to Wikipedia,

“While the vast majority of personal blogs attract very few readers, other than the blogger’s immediate family and friends, a small number of personal blogs have become popular, to the point that they have attracted lucrative advertising sponsorship. A tiny number of personal bloggers have become famous, both in the online community and in the real world.”

Very few people read my blog.  Nevertheless, my blogging goal for 2017 is to write less navel-gazing, personal diary-style entries.    That’s too easy and anyway, that’s Facebook.

Writing interesting and journalistic-style content takes time.


There are a number of interesting stories out there to write about; just not today.

Handy and I have to cover a Chinese New Year Dim Sum Breakfast/Brunch on Saturday.  Something interesting will come out of it.  I just know it.

It’s the Year of the Rooster, not the year of the cat.

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5 Responses to The Year of the Rooster

  1. Robert Earle Jr. says:

    I read your stuff every day! Happy New Year!

  2. Loosehead Prop says:

    Dim sum? Where?

    Dim sum can be fantastic in a place loaded with Chinese (and with a wife who is half-Chinese and knows how to play the game), used to go to one in Arlington, Virginia, but haven’t found anything close since.

    • It’s at a place called Jasmine Cafe in Auburn. The owners used to run a small similar restaurant in Lewiston, on College Street.

      So, help me start my research…what is the “game?”

  3. Loosehead Prop says:

    Just the tricks the Chinese know that they don’t expect the white people to know, what foods can be ordered (you’re not limited to what’s on the trays), how things can be prepared differently. The ex was marvelous at that sort of schmoozing. For you, sample all around, but remember it’s okay to ask for anything, worst that can happen is they don’t have it.

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