The Medallion

Did you ever Google “oriental rug?”  Take my advice, if you’re trying to discern styles and patterns of Oriental and Persian rugs, go to the library.

I finally took down the Christmas tree on the screen porch.  I have a rug in that space, for no particular reason.  Just because.  It’s a faux Oriental, likely made of acrylic, in the Kashan style.  Handy found it on the side of the road in Topsham.  It was “free” which is the very best price.


I like orderly things, symmetrical patterns and balance.  I was going to say this old-fashioned perspective was “mundane” until I looked up the definition of the word.  “Mundane” means “of the world” in one source and one internet entry said it meant “profane and vulgar.”

God help me from being profane and vulgar.

It’s a lonely path and left to my own devices, I often fail.

Contra mundum…

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