The Clipper Merchant Tea House

A few weeks ago, I took a ride to Bridgton to meet Melinda Thomas, tea mistress at the Clipper Merchant Tea House.  Located in the historic William Perry House at the top of Main Street, the Tea House is charming and inviting.  Melinda is lovely too, calm and serene as she brews a pot of rooibos for me.  We had a pleasant chat, an interview really, for an upcoming Sun Journal article about the tea shop.  She promised to send me a recipe for an Earl Gray cake and then she gave me a tour of the tea house.

I left with a small bag of black tea, something Melinda called “Ambrosia.”  According to the tea house website, Ambrosia is “the perfect afternoon tea…bursting with flavor and full-bodied to lift the spirit.”

I spent some time walking about Bridgton, a quaint town with lots of interesting shops and sights.

I recorded my interview with Melinda and I’d have to listen to the whole thing to accurately recapture her thoughts on coffee versus tea, but it was something like tea is a slow burn and coffee is jet fuel.  We talked a bit about how Americans love coffee and that maybe they are more violent because of it.

I don’t know.

Here’s what I do know:

Not everything is urgent.

My last Basilica article will run this Sunday, October 30, in the Lewiston Sun Journal and you should read it.

And it’s almost time for afternoon coffee because I need my jet fuel to make it through this day.

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