The Deluge

I’m currently intrigued by the erudite weather prognostications of meteorologist Paul Cousins heard streaming on the internet and over the terrestrial radio stations broadcasting Maine Public Classical.  Over the weekend he predicted “a deluge of rain.”  It sounded magical and I raced around preparing my rain barrels for the “presto” of precipitation promised.

Today, Cousins is talking about “this current weather regime” and telling us there will be “little diurnal weather variation.”

“Oppressive humidity continues…some towns may never see the sun.”

Oh, Paul!

This kind of “oppressive humidity” promotes weed growth.  I cleared out a lot of purslane from my garden before the deluge and I laughed to myself as I pulled it.  A woman on Facebook, notorious for “sharing” information I’m sure she’s never used herself had just contributed her annual purslane post.  Sure, Mother Earth News says it’s a tasty, easy to grow “weed” and a rich source of omega-3’s, but I’m not having it in my garden.

I’m sure Paul Cousins wouldn’t say such a thing, but I will.


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