Early Autumn

On a day like today, it would be too easy to say my two favorite words in the English language are “early autumn.”  In the disquieting world of social media, this type of dramatic hyperbole abounds.  Nevertheless, after a few weeks of cool and rainy days, we are in the midst of riotous tree color and summer-like temperatures.  I slept with all the windows open last night.  It was lovely.

It was early autumn.

There is a certain excitement to this time of year and I’m sure I’ve blogged about it before.  It’s hard to describe, but I felt it last week when I went to my old office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for a work event.  I shed a little tear of happiness and gratitude as I waited for the Memorial Bridge to reopen after a barge passed through.  I’d stopped at The Beach Pea in Kittery for a box of cookies for my co-worker friends and seeing the new bridge in action was fascinating; it gave me a moment to pause in my anticipation of the work visit.

Woody Herman captured what I’m trying to explain perfectly in 1949.  Can you hear it?

Let’s push thoughts of window washing, snowblowers, and winter woolens aside for today and rest in the early autumn vibe, shall we?

The morning glories haven’t given up yet.  Hail early autumn!

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