A Day in Town

The Maine Historical Society’s current exhibit, Maine Eats:  The Food Revolution Starts Here, opened on March 2, 2018.  As an occasional food writer, I have longed for a spare minute to see this exhibit.  I e-mailed a Southern Maine friend and artist; we made a late lunch date to meet in Portland.  We had a wonderful visit and a corn-shaped Abenaki basket on display inspired her to race home and paint.  I, myself, was intrigued by the giant Italian sandwich display.

Visitors could wrap themselves in ham and cheese, while cuddling up with a green pepper.

Was the Italian sandwich invented in Maine?  Yes, it was.

I found the exhibit underwhelming and light on content.  Was it my eager anticipation that let me down?  I’m not sure.  They do have a pleasing and well-stocked gift shop, although nothing enticed me to open my wallet.  A pleasant highlight to the trip was a peek Robin and I made into the Longfellow Gardens, which are behind the Longfellow House and part of the Maine Historical Society complex.

Following our visit to the exhibit, Robin and I had lunch and we talked about art.  Part of the reason for our meeting was so that she could loan me one of her canvasses, Timeworn Elegance NO. 1.  I’d seen the painting before.  It’s a 30 x 40 inch treatment of Venetian plaster on wood.  I’ve thought about the piece ever since I first saw it and the color and design inspired me.  It will be the centerpiece of my living room “refresh.”  You know, get new carpet, maybe a new sofa, a bit of paint and rearrangement.  Take down the ceiling fan from the early 1980’s.  The whole project is now “in progress” and when complete, I’ll share the beautiful art with you.  And have a party to celebrate.

I’ll have it catered, with lots of local Maine food…maybe even some Italian sandwiches.

The Maine Eats exhibit runs through February 9, 2019.

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