Autumn Smoke and Thunder

Yesterday was the first day of autumn.  It was also part of the “Global Week for Future,” a youth event focused on ending climate change.  During the autumn of my college years, the hot topic was apartheid.  I remember a rally on UMaine Orono’s mall spearheaded by Peter Neilson.  There was a chant; it went something like this:

“Hey hey, ho ho, apartheid has got to go.”

Neilson commandeered an office in the Student Union to encourage then-college President Arthur Johnson to divest university monies from South African investments.

It’s a dim memory now.    It may have been then-college President Paul Silverman.  The memory of it came to me on Saturday, standing in line to buy a homemade donut at the Georgetown Town Market.

Here in my part of Maine, the first day of autumn was gloriously warm and balmy.  In the late afternoon, I did some work in the back yard.  The mosquitoes were out and I torched up some paper and kindling in my fire pit.  The blaze created a cloud of smoke and the heavy air caused it to linger over the walking path and slowly drift towards Blethen Street.  It reminded me of the time my old lawn mower died.

I laughed to myself.

Autumn is such a busy time.  I don’t know where to start, both yard-wise and blog-wise.  My friend Shelley would suggest I make a list.  Here goes…

  1. Does This Blaze Orange Make me Look Fat?
  2. The Governors of the Passing Lane
  3. Tips for Talking to the Steelers Fans in Your Life
  4. My Moral Dilemma with Antonio Brown
  5. The Autumn Thunder of Sam Spence
  6. Aunt Tomato and the Overgrown Garden of Delights
  7. How Long is a Legacy?
  8. Dirty Dancing at Le Club Calumet
  9. Hemingway Didn’t Write That
  10. Eventually Everyone Ends Up at Dot’s

That last one is Dot’s in Lincolnville.  It’s been my foodie inspiration for the last two months.  Shelley and I had a long and leisurely lunch there on Sunday.  The food is beautiful; the food is delicious.

Beautiful Food

Dot’s will inspire you to make beautiful food in your own kitchen.  If not, just bring your Yeti and you can bring Dot’s cuisine home with you.

Gorgeous food.  Go there.

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