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Movie Weekend At The Coop

I’m not a big movie-goer.  Occasionally, I go to watch the Metropolitan Opera broadcast live in a local movie theater.  You knew that.  I don’t watch many movies at home, though.  I own a few movies on DVD, but I’ve … Continue reading

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Why We Write

This is the last day of my month of “power blogging.”  I wrote 29 posts in 29 days.  It was a challenge I designed for myself; an exercise in writing.  I like to write and I have been doing it … Continue reading

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Truth, Myths, and Lies

Truth:  In addition to being the first president of the United States, George Washington was also a successful farmer.  He was devoted to composting, as evidenced by the building of a “stercorary” on his Mount Vernon farm.  A “stercorary” was … Continue reading

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Dear Aunt Tomato

If I had lots of nieces and nephews, I don’t think I’d be a doting aunt.  Sure, I’d remember their birthdays, graduations, and weddings with the appropriate card and cash gift, but doting might not be possible.  I only have … Continue reading

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Not Yet

This was Saturday’s soil temperature in the Hampton Victory Garden. Not yet, but sooner than you think…

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We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Programming: Worms

This is a blog about gardening, specifically but not exclusively about gardening in community with other people.  Once in a while, I might get distracted and write about solitary moonlight walks in my hometown, but even on those occasions, I … Continue reading

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