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Kennebec Garden Bliss

It’s 5:00 a.m. and I want to be in my garden.  Weed one little overgrown patch, stick in a few marigolds for color while I wait for some blooms, and then water the parched soil.  It’s a blissful way to … Continue reading

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The Old Heave Ho

What is it about “Groundhog Day” that is most offensive? Is it that the garden-destroying rodent is elevated to Zeus-like status for poking his ugly head out of a burrow on the second day of February? Or is it that … Continue reading

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In Tilbury Town

In just a few days I’ll celebrate my second anniversary of blog writing.  I enjoy the discipline, but lately I’ve been discouraged with my writing.  I wonder about my blog stats and if I’ll ever write “something else.”  Am I … Continue reading

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