Dairy Maid Saturday Night

It took all week to recover from the Moxie Hangover, but everyone at home is back on the beam again.  My brother and his bride, Miss Mary, are off to Bar Harbor to celebrate their 30th anniversary, Uncle Bob’s string beans and cucumbers have arrived, and I had my first Saturday lawn chair nap in weeks.

After resting and having cucumber sandwiches with my parents, my mother and I took a ride up to the Dairy Maid.   They were celebrating their 60th anniversary with a sock hop in the parking lot, so we parked the Jeep and did a little tailgating.  We saw old friends, met a few new ones, and did a little dancing.  We ate some coffee vanilla twist ice cream.

The Dairy Maid isn’t fancy.  It’s a simple white building right across from Lisbon High School.  The same family has run it for all these 60 years.  They make good pizza for those times when ice cream just isn’t enough.

Simple is good.

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