It’s Later Than You Think

Stopping by the Hampton Victory Garden on my way back to The Coop on Sunday, I had a good conversation with one of the garden’s super stars, Mr. G.  He’s been gardening for a long time and he helps everyone by sharing his many years of experience.  Our conversation went something like this:

JAB:  I was thinking I should plant some lettuce for fall.  It’s not too early, right?

Mr. G:  Not at all.

JAB:  What about kale?

Mr. G:  You should plant some kale.

JAB:  But it’s too early for spinach, right?  Still too hot?

Mr. G:  I am planting spinach now.

JAB:  Would you plant beets?

Mr. G:  Yes, even if you don’t get beets before the first frost, you’ll get beet greens.

JAB:  Is it too late to plant some pole beans?

Mr. G:  Julie-Ann, it’s a good time to plant because it’s later than you think.

I don’t want to wish the time away, but Maine Agricultural Fairs will begin in earnest in just a few weeks.

Mr. G. is right.

It’s later than you think.  Get busy and get planting!

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