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Welcome Back, Baumer

I survived my milestone birthday without needing any proof of my identity.  I didn’t go anywhere in my car that day, either, but I had a nagging feeling that my New Hampshire driver’s license had expired. I distinctly remembered the … Continue reading

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Ahead of Schedule

My moving odyssey began in February, 2013.  That’s when I decided to rent a storage space in my hometown of Lisbon Falls. My moving odyssey ended yesterday, when I moved the last sticks of furniture out of my apartment on … Continue reading

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Talk of the Tuckered

It’s the day after my “milestone” birthday…it must have been all the pie and cake I ate because I woke up from one of those “trying to scream” nightmares, all tuckered out.  If only I had stuck to the saltine … Continue reading

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Maybe it was the Pie

On a typical Wednesday in Lisbon Falls, if there were still party lines, you might overhear this conversation: “Hi, Mom, what are you doing?” “I’m making your birthday cake.” “Oh, good!” There’s an awkward pause and then I say, “Do … Continue reading

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The Frog in the Garden

Yesterday, one of my friends shared my Market Basket post with her friends and said “I loved reading your blog.”  I was flattered she considered my words worthy of sharing.  For a blogger and aspiring writer, that’s a wonderful compliment. … Continue reading

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My Worumbo Cousins

Oh boy…6:42 a.m. and I have soundly overslept. Today’s blog post is a crazy-quilt of words lodged in my brain behind half a cup of coffee. It’s Monday in Vacationland. Tired rusticators are either grudgingly home or racing madly south … Continue reading

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A Moth in a Market Basket Mitten

I’m a busy person; certain seasons are busier than others and let’s just say I’m in the middle of the busiest season ever.  Moving, Moxie, mittens, Moxie, moving, moths, house guests, Moxie, moving, party, moving.  Author John Gould once wrote … Continue reading

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