Uncle Bob Was Right

Things in the garden ARE growing a foot a day.

Morning GloriesNice!

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4 Responses to Uncle Bob Was Right

  1. Slipper Sistah says:

    Hi Sistah,
    Is it possible to turn blogs into books? I’ve decided to do an exercise in reading and go back over the blogs listed on your page from February 2012 (Was that the first one?) to the current pages. So far I am finding it is a very enjoyable exercise in reading also.
    It’s a sizeable body of work you have there, and you have one follower who thinks it would make an interesting book.
    Best Regards,
    Slippah Sistah

    • Hi Sistah!
      Wow, thanks for reading all those blog posts! I am sometimes amazed at the number of posts I’ve written and I’m sure there are a couple of different themes and threads which might make for a good book, but so far I have not found the time to think critically about such a project. I know, I know, “after Moxie…” Maybe someday.

  2. Slipper Sistah says:

    Oh, Sistah!

    I haven’t read them all, just beginning the project. Haven’t cleared February 2012, but am working on it. That is of course, if enjoying something as much as I do reading your posts can be called “Working”.

    Off for an Adventure, fly rod in tow.
    Best Wishes to JAB

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