Friday “P” Talk

My brother thinks he’s written more about Moxie than any Mainer.  He’s probably right; after all, he wrote two books on the subject plus countless newspaper articles and blog posts.  And he’s been blogging since the writing medium was invented, so top that, you lurkers who p*ss around the edges of the internet with your pseudonyms and snark attacks.

My own personal Moxie canon is like the last pea on the plate after a 72 ounce steak challenge at The Big Texan or Saylors.  I’m not complaining; I’m “just sayin.’”

But when it comes to peas, it’s possible that I myself have penned a prolific number of posts.  While I may be no Gregor Mendel, I’ve written a lot about the jolly green vegetable.  Blog spammers continue to enjoy my many pea posts, along with the still-regularly spammed post “The Robber Barons of Rumford.”  Go figure.


First there was “Peace Trellis.”

In retrospect to my current pea production, all I can say is “no wonder Uncle Bob laughed at me.”

Then there is the quaint “Oh, Snap.”

And “Peas in the Garden,” which could have been subtitled “Peas Perdu” or “Remembrance of Peas Past.”

This summer’s pea harvest has been very good and Uncle Bob says he’s never seen peas as crazy tall as the ones I planted this year.  Man, we had to jigger up some outlandish stakes and strings to hold those puppies up!  Sure, Uncle Bob might say it’s a lot of work and why not just buy peas in a can?  They’re cheaper, right?  But every time I see him, he tells me he’s been “nibblin” at the peas and it makes me smile.

Not sure what old Handy thinks about peas, but I’ve put him to work picking and shelling them quite a bit since Moxie ended.  I set him up with a Pabst Blue Ribbon and a straw at the kitchen bar and he goes to town.  Peas to you and your house, Handy.

I love peas.  I love planting them, I love watching them pea shoot out of the spring soil, and I love watching their tender tendrils climbing the various trellising Uncle Bob sets up.  I love the pea flowers and the early edible pea pods.  I haven’t even written about the peas I planted here at my house.

The only thing I don’t like about peas is that dumb*ss expression “easy peasy.” (Excuse my French.)

Who made that up?

Probably some pea brain who never once planted, tended, staked, or shelled a pea.


PeasFile this post under “Friday Fatigue Flashback” and remember…keep your eye on the pea holder.

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