Finding Wild Miller Farm

It’s another beautiful morning here in Camden, Maine.  I spent a chunk of time on Saturday doing research at the Maine State Library in Augusta.  My reward to myself for six hours at a microfilm reader in Augusta was another visit to this heavenly placed called Camden.

I approached Camden from a different route, coming over Route 3 towards Belfast.  It’s a damn fine road and you can really “put the horses down” as my father might say.  And I do like to “put the horses down” from time to time.  As I approached Palermo, I saw a sign that struck a familiar chord.

Wild Miller Farm.

You might remember my mentioning Wild Miller Farm in 2012.  It was the first time I joined a farm share, or “CSA.”

Joel and Annalisa Miller moved their farm from Lee, New Hampshire to Palermo, Maine at around the same time I moved home.  In my mind, Palermo was Palmyra and Palmyra is practically in Bangor.  Too far to visit on Maine’s Open Farm Day.

Shame on me for not knowing my Maine geography better.  I should have visited sooner.

It was heartwarming to see Annalisa and their beautiful 80 acre farm.  It was a treat to see their prosperity, which might be different than mine or yours but beautiful nonetheless.  Farming is hard work…such hard work.  It doesn’t look like hard work, though, when you’re speeding through on a pastoral day in Maine accompanied by bright blue skies and gentle breezes.

God bless them, for being young and strong and passionate about life’s most fundamental professions, growing food.

Even though I’m still feeling bad in Maine, this random visit lifted my spirits and made me smile.

Wild Miller Farm

Obviously, they are farming with their hearts wide open.

Onward we go.

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