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Pleased as Pyrex

I started worrying about garbage and landfills after I got out of college.  I hadn’t taken any classes about it and I hadn’t been to any environmental rallies.  I just started putting my garbage to the curb once a week … Continue reading

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Meals with Friends

Last Saturday, I was invited to my brother’s house for an afternoon “working session.”  We toiled away in his upstairs home office while his wife, Miss Mary, visited with her sister, Dianne.  As we went over story and essay ideas … Continue reading

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Forty Dollar Carrots

During one of my strolls through the Seacoast Eat Local Winter Farmers Market, I overheard a woman say to her husband “Can you believe they want five dollars for a dozen eggs?  I can get the same eggs at Wal*Mart … Continue reading

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No Writing Errors Found

There are two automated reminders I love to see when I’m working on my blog.  One sometimes pops up after I’ve run my content through the WordPress spell check; it says “No Writing Errors Found.” The other is a little … Continue reading

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Tiny Steps

Yesterday, one of my commenters, Wingnut on the Loose, suggested I had been taking liberties with my readers by writing about foolish things like growing a spine, crossing the road, and eating cold pizza and Junior Mints on New Year’s … Continue reading

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George Washington Walked Here

What is it about “the most wonderful time of the year?”  It makes normally food-sensible people eat like ravenous beasts for weeks on end.  We throw caution to the wind and then take the Scarlett O’Hara approach of “I’ll think … Continue reading

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Angels Unawares

In the event blog readers were unaware, this week’s unstated theme has been “making it through the holidays gracefully.” There were some pictures of simple decorations, ideas on how to stay energized and composed, and even some clever hostess gifties. … Continue reading

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Sweetie Pie

This will be our third Thanksgiving dinner at Moody’s Diner. We’ll load up the Jeep and I’ll be at the wheel; we’ll listen to Bing Crosby, then I’ll throw on some Johnny Cash for Herman the German.  He likes “Sunday … Continue reading

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Walkholm Syndrome

This Thanksgiving week, many bloggers will be writing about gratitude and giving thanks.  It’s not a bad idea; living here in the “first world,” it’s sometimes easy to bemoan the lack of things which aren’t necessary for life and living.  … Continue reading

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Today and Tomorrow and the Next Day

When Uncle Bob had his lumberjack accident, I couldn’t wait to see him.  First, I wanted to make sure he was okay, but then I wanted to scold him and tell him to “knock it off” and stop taking chances … Continue reading

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