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The Crimson and the Gold

On Friday, I indulged myself in the purchase of a very small parcel of land that runs along Baumer’s Field.  In reading the warranty deed, I noticed it mentioned my paternal grandfather three times, particularly “along land of said Leo … Continue reading

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In the Light of Day

Sunday after church, Handy and I went to pick up a piece of furniture I bought at an estate sale on Saturday.  It ended up being 5 pieces of furniture, actually, and once we were finished moving everything into the … Continue reading

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The Last of the Glads

What’s your favorite procrastination technique? Surely, you’re not one of those people who never indulge in the dreaded habit?  Congratulations if you are.  Me, I’ll do any other productive thing to avoid something daunting.  I’ll balance my checkbook to the … Continue reading

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Heavenly Blue

This spring, along the back wall of my fenced-in garden, I planted sunflowers, scarlet runner beans, and morning glories.  I didn’t read the “Heavenly Blue” package closely and watched the dense green foliage cover the fence with nary the sight … Continue reading

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Pleasant Books

It’s a drag to finish a pleasant book.  Then there are the books that are not delightful but once begun, must be finished. There are always interruptions.  File this under “reading more than I thought I would this year.”

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How About Wednesday?

Dear Friend, This will be the first week I have not hand-written my weekly letter to you.  I fell asleep with the twelfth Mitfod book on my chest and too many pillows under my neck.  Around midnight, the rain tapped … Continue reading

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The Window on Wiscasset

Before my brother left for the Iowa State Fair, he kept talking about “the butter cow.”  Silly me, I thought “the butter cow” would be some gentle bovine creature with big brown eyes and a set of abundantly generous udders.  … Continue reading

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