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The Last Sunflower

I asked the smartest person I know to explain Fibonacci numbers in sunflowers. I don’t have an answer yet.  Enjoy the beauty of mathematics in nature today.

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A Little Fiction

She walked west toward the secret garden, the one she didn’t like much.  Were the sunflowers finally blooming?  She couldn’t tell until she opened the gate. Like a sunflower, she turned her face toward the sky and smiled thankfully, a … Continue reading

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They Follow the Sun

My sunflowers have started blooming and as I look at them, I realize I didn’t put much thought into planting them.  I made random decisions about the type of sunflower seeds I planted and as a result, I have a … Continue reading

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Cryptic Birthday Cards

It’s Sunday; I should be resting.  It’s hard to rest sometimes. One of my friends sent me a cryptic birthday card.  I’m trying to figure it out.  There was a Biblical reference, there was a Bruce Springsteen quote, and there … Continue reading

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The First of the Last

Today is the last day of July.  Although it’s never good to wish away time, by July 31, I am scribbling “good riddance” in the margins of my calendar.  The lovely month of August is no longer in the rear … Continue reading

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