Friday Pillow Talk – Sunshine Flashback

On Wednesday, I suggested you could put a seed catalog under your pillow and possibly dream in flowers.  I know it seemed silly and (pause) New Age.  I’d be lying if I told you I actually did put a seed catalog under my pillow.  However, I have been known to read seed catalogs with my head on top of the pillow and I did that last  night.

I was reading about Calendula when the Johnny’s Seeds catalog went flying down onto the floor and my eyelids fluttered shut. Sad to say, I did not dream in flowers, but in LETTUCE.  I don’t remember if the dream was in Technicolor, but there were neat little rows of green and red leaf lettuce in my two raised beds, like a checkerboard.  And get this…two groundhogs and my former hairdresser from the late 1980’s were circling around outside the fence.  (Remember, the groundhogs see you when you’re sleeping.)

It was really weird.

I confess, I have been thinking about lettuce a lot lately.  There are so many different kinds and you can start growing it SO EARLY!  Just not RIGHT NOW.  Maybe that’s why I dreamed about it.  Or maybe it’s just because I can’t wait to plant my checkerboard lettuce box this spring!

What kind of gardens are you dreaming about planting?

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2 Responses to Friday Pillow Talk – Sunshine Flashback

  1. Ada says:

    I dream of a rooftop garden bursting with basil.

    • I planted some 2 year old basil seeds among my tomato plants last year and they got to be about 3 inches high when some gang of bugs ate them.

      Note to self: Try again this year.

      Note to Ada: I can see this happening for you.

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