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The Yawn in Review

Let’s briefly pause and contemplate the numerous “Year in Review” articles that form and multiply in the weeks leading up to today.  Much like roadside garbage, where only the most committed dumpster diver will pull over and examine the merits, … Continue reading

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Christmas Bingo

It’s December 21 and there are four cards to write, three writing assignments to finish, two batches of ginger snaps to whip up and one meat pie to bake.  A friend I ran into at the Franco Center on Saturday … Continue reading

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Friday “P” Talk

My brother thinks he’s written more about Moxie than any Mainer.  He’s probably right; after all, he wrote two books on the subject plus countless newspaper articles and blog posts.  And he’s been blogging since the writing medium was invented, … Continue reading

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The Wombat

For a number of years, I’ve used “Bing” instead of “Google” when diving and searching the magic information oceans of the internet.  Why?  At first, it was in solidarity with a friend who worked for Microsoft.  Then, there were rumblings … Continue reading

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Lodge a Complaint!

Although I’m not a big movie goer, there are a handful that I’ve watched many times as well as a select group I’ve watched so many times, I know all of the dialogue.  All About Eve comes to mind and … Continue reading

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Bring It!

Weather during blog vacation was bitterly cold and Sunday ended things icily with snow and sleet and freezing rain.  The weather puppets were recommending we Mainers NOT shovel our driveways for fear the pavement would turn into sheets of ice, … Continue reading

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Gifts of All Sorts

For the last week, I’ve been living in a “Thanksgiving bubble.”  All my thoughts and energy went into preparing Thursday’s meal–my first Thanksgiving in my new home.  I invited my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and Mary and Dave (who … Continue reading

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