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Whining Baby Bucket

This past week, I’ve been a whining baby.  I won’t go into all the details, but it’s similar to how we’ve all been crying and whining about winter being long and uncomfortable and then BANG we get some full force … Continue reading

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I Meet A Farm Chick!

Today is a special day.  First, because it’s Sunday and also because today is the day I’m posting my interview with Serena Thompson, “The Farm Chick.”  If you’ve never heard of “The Farm Chicks” you can read about them here. … Continue reading

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Now The Troubles Begin – For The Love Of Lago’s

I could tell you a long story today, but I’m just not sure you want to hear it.  Maybe someday.  Essentially, it’s a story about working RHEE-LEE hard at something, to the point of exhaustion.  And this went on for … Continue reading

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Six Degrees Of AYUH

A friend from home and I went to the Portland Flower Show in Portland, Maine yesterday.  (Thanks, friend!)  Even though it was the first day of Sommerzeit, it was the last day of the show, so I managed to arrive … Continue reading

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Send In The Clowns

Today’s “Minimalist” post is a digital smile and a wave to anyone who is struggling under some kind of burden.  Last summer, I was just working in Uncle Bob’s garden and these crazy Kora clowns stopped by and posed for … Continue reading

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Good Neighbor

I’m not a very good condo neighbor.  I’m not a very bad condo neighbor, but no one is ever going to write a book about my stellar neighborliness.  I try to be a good neighbor, mainly by staying out of … Continue reading

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Why We Write

This is the last day of my month of “power blogging.”  I wrote 29 posts in 29 days.  It was a challenge I designed for myself; an exercise in writing.  I like to write and I have been doing it … Continue reading

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Age of Aquarion

It’s been raining a bit, the kind of rain that helps soften the ground and encourages a different kind of sprout. We’re so lucky here in New England; we have lots of water.  We also have running water at the … Continue reading

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Simmer Down Now…

There were “frost heaves” along the garden paths today, too! But I remember an “April Fool’s Day” snowstorm that cancelled my brother’s baseball practice one beautiful early spring day. Simmer Down Now Hee-Yah!

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Garden Chic

This weekend, my friend Amanda helped me fix my sewing machine. (Thank you!)  I have a bad habit of buying old aprons when I can find them at yard sales and flea markets.  Some of these old cloth ladies were … Continue reading

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